Digital Handlettered Art

I’m back with a quick post on two handlettered designs I created digitally.

I recently reconnected to handlettering and started my hand lettering practice digitally on my iPad Pro and Procreate. And I must say, I love it so much I wanted to share my first project! It’s so much easier to create layouts digitally than physically on paper. I’m not completely setting aside the traditional method as I still enjoy writing with pens and markers on paper, but I love that I can create a digital layout faster and more evenly proportioned than I have on paper. I also find that it’s easier to design both on Procreate and Photoshop and Illustrator as it removes the step of creating the physical art then scanning the physical artwork into the computer.

Below are two versions of an inspirational saying I created digitally:



The floral background image on the first design is an image I got from Unsplash, a royalty free image site for stock photos. It’s a great site to get images to practice and use for handlettering and website and social media design.

The second design I completely made entirely on Procreate. I used the watercolor brush for the background and the script brush for the text. It’s not perfect as I’m still practicing my handlettering on the iPad while I’m learning how to use Procreate. As a beginner though, I’m happy how both designs turned out.

Now I want to hear from you. Are you a digital or traditional handletterer? Or both and why? Comment below. I hope to meet and be inspired by more handlettering bloggers and crafters.

Until next time, happy creating!

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