Pinterest Fail: School Supply Cake

Last Friday I created a teacher appreciation gift that, in the end anyway, was a fail. Inspired by Pinterest’s many diaper and school supply cake gifts (you know those 2-3 tiered cakes made by diapers or school supplies), I went out and created my own.

Since it was nearing the end of the school year, I chose to buy Kleenex boxes, wipes and hand sanitizer bottles for the class. I bought a 12 pack box of wipes and two large bottles of hand sanitizer and two Kleenex boxes. My original idea was to create the bottom tier of wipes with the hand sanitizer bottle as the top tier. I wrapped 6 packs of wipes in a circle and wrapped it in a leftover plastic white tablecloth I had on hand. Then I wrapped a crepe streamer I also had on hand for an embellishment around the “cake”.

Here is my end result:

BF00D44C-29F3-4762-8A67-5EDF280D6D90Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to.  The bottom tier didn’t want to round out due to the packs being rectangular. And it being a last minute project idea, there was no time make it fuller and nicer. Fortunately, I had a big enough gift bag to hold it all and gifted the whole project that way along with gift cards from Staples (thank God for gift cards!).

In the end, the teachers were very appreciative for my efforts. They actually were in need of refills of wipes and hand sanitizers anyway so the whole process was still worth it for me.

And that’s my Pinterest fail. Hope this inspires you to create something fun no matter how it looks.

Happy Creating!

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