Day 6 and 7: Desk Organizer Using Apple Boxes

I’m back with Days 6 & 7 for my 7 Day Make to Create challenge.

Quick note: As I am somewhat new to blogging, I realize I need more practice on scheduling and time management. Thanks for your patience as I get the hang of blogging!

Today’s post covers days 6 and 7 for home decor and organization. I created a cute desk tray organizer using….Apple Product boxes!

I needed a compartmentalized tray to go in one of my desk drawers and went with these sturdy boxes to make the tray. Big plus? They’re already the same clean white color with little to no design (I excluded the black boxes in the making of this project).

fullsizeoutput_e3f1As an Apple iPhone user (thanks to my husband), owning an iPhone usually comes with upgrades to a new phone every 1-3 years. So naturally, together we have collected a bunch of iPhone boxes as well as other apple products over the years. fullsizeoutput_e3a1


fullsizeoutput_e3a2This project can be done using whatever boxes you have on hand really, but I love the sturdiness of Apple product boxes and couldn’t throw them out. I also found that I didn’t have to paint or decoupage them (as they will be in a desk drawer anyway) so the less steps the better for me.

To begin, I hollowed out the boxes with glued down cardboard trays in them. Did I mention how sturdy they were? While emptying the glue contents inside, it was glued down so well that I actually used this lemon zester side of this  zester/juicer kitchen tool to pull out the cardboard within the boxes so not to ruin the box itself.

IMG_7553Here are the boxes hollowed out:

IMG_3990Next I played with the design of the trays themselves, taking into account putting boxes with same size and height together. Luckily, they were all about the same size height (make sure they fit in your desk drawer, which thankfully, mine did). On the lower right box, I kept the original inner tray to put small paperclips, erasers or tacks in.


IMG_3992When I was happy with the configuration, I taped them together with blue painter’s tape.

IMG_3993Next, I added patterned paper to line the boxes and placed them in the drawer.

IMG_7624And that’s it!

Here it is again with some of my desk accessories in the trays.

fullsizeoutput_e3f1Another proud project in the books!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY post. Comment below if you like more DIY projects like this one!

Happy Creating!


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