An Imperfect Perfection

Hi guys! In my last post, I declared a challenge I'm taking on called, the 7 Day Make to Create challenge. It's my personal challenge to get myself out of what I like to call, "analysis paralysis." What is that you ask? It's basically a temporary mental paralysis of the overwhelm due to stress, too many … Continue reading An Imperfect Perfection

My 2018 Bullet Journal Supplies + Foundation Pages

  In my last post, I shared my 2018 bullet journal process and plans. Today, I'm sharing the 3-4 supplies I use weekly (again keeping it simple). And as a bonus, I'm sharing my favorite  foundation pages that set up this year's bullet journal. Note: I'm not affiliated with any of these product companies. These … Continue reading My 2018 Bullet Journal Supplies + Foundation Pages

Bullet Journaling

Back in March, I began a bullet journal for 2017 with the hope that it would help me become more organized and less disorganized. If you don’t know what a bullet journal is, check out Ryder Carrol's system at Electronic calendars and phone reminders were not working for me and the pretty pre-printed calendars at Target … Continue reading Bullet Journaling