An Imperfect Perfection

Hi guys!

In my last post, I declared a challenge I’m taking on called, the 7 Day Make to Create challenge. It’s my personal challenge to get myself out of what I like to call, “analysis paralysis.”

What is that you ask?

It’s basically a temporary mental paralysis of the overwhelm due to stress, too many ideas, doubt, fear, you name it. It’s what has recently brought me to self doubt and a creative block, leading to why I rarely ever blog in the first place. I usually can get out of it pretty quick, however, lately it’s been a long time since I created something for fun so I am taking on this challenge. The challenge starts today (a separate entry will be posted later today). I hope you’ll join me!

Anyway, back to my imperfect perfection. I wanted to share a project spread that is a little embarrassing but is an essential part of the creative process. It’s called imperfection.

Now let me explain…

In the world of social media, viewers love photos. Insta/website worthy photos. You know what I’m talking about. The beautifully filtered and edited travel photos, nicely presented food tables, fashionable outfits, strategically placed home decor and design, and of course for myself, diy projects with the most eye catching “I want that!” displays.

Today I’m sharing the other side of that. An imperfect (and still perfect) result to a weekly project I’m doing: bullet journaling.

As we say hello to the second quarter of 2018, I wanted to create a monthly spread in a new way this month that is different than my previous months (which included the monthly calendar and goals, tasks and inspiration). This month, I created a two page spread of the May monthly calendar. But….


When I drew out the calendar grid, the basic black pen I used smeared throughout the middle column and the hand lettered days from the previous page had bled through the paper, making this calendar spread not so pretty. Sure, I can cover it up with stickers or even white them out, but at least for the next week, I’m embracing the imperfect perfection and calling this monthly spread good. It’s perfect — flaws and all.

Now will I post this on my social media? Maybe for the sake of this blog post, but I probably wouldn’t at all to be honest. Then again, this is a great look at my creative process behind-the-scenes. What do you think?

And there you have it. Imperfection for the win! Hope you enjoyed this post. Comment below and tell me what types of posts, projects and questions you need answered that you want to see in the future.

Until next post, happy creating!

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