How to Make Word Cloud Art

I'm back today with a cute word art project I created on My son, Atreyu (yes, like the 80's childhood movie, The NeverEnding Story) loves, LoVeS, LOVES trains! We are currently designing his bedroom with a train theme and he requested a train shaped word art cloud with his name on it for his … Continue reading How to Make Word Cloud Art

Digital Handlettered Art

I’m back with a quick post on two handlettered designs I created digitally. I recently reconnected to handlettering and started my hand lettering practice digitally on my iPad Pro and Procreate. And I must say, I love it so much I wanted to share my first project! It’s so much easier to create layouts digitally … Continue reading Digital Handlettered Art

Day 3: Painting

I'm back and playing catch-up on this 7 day Make to Create challenge. I have been creating daily, but haven't been able to post my results here on the blog. Let's do this, shall we? On with the challenge! Day 3's project theme was a painting project. I had always wanted to create an abstract … Continue reading Day 3: Painting