Day 5: Beaded Flower Ring

Hi all! I’m back here with Day 5 of my 7 Day Make to Create challenge.

As I have been creating a craft project every day, I have been late posting them here on the blog. So here’s Day 5. The theme was beaded jewelry and I created a beaded flower ring.


Inspired by the recently bloomed cherry blossoms around Virginia, I created this pink and gold beaded flower ring. I remember learning to make these when I was young. I believe it was then called a “daisy chain,” this craft project was one of the first craft projects I loved to make. Once I got the hang of making them, it was addicting to make more.



Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos to my instructions so I hope the following instructions are not too confusing.

Supplies I used:

  • Seed Beads
  • Thin Plastic String or Fishing Line (I used fishing line)


  1. Cut a piece of plastic string long enough to make your ring. (I used the length of one arm as a guide.)
  2. String two beads (this will be the first two petals) onto the middle of the string.
  3. Next take one end of the string and thread it back through the two beads, looping them into place. Pull it through all the way. This will be the beginning of the flower ring.
  4. Next, take the opposite end of the string and thread two more same colored beads (the petals) and one different colored bead (this will be the stamen). Three beads will now be on the string: two same colored beads and one different colored bead.
  5. Then take the end of that same string and thread it back into only the two same colored beads. The third (different colored) bead will stick up after you pull the string through the two beads.
  6. Then take the opposite end of string and thread two same colored beads. Thread same string through the different colored bead and then through the two same colored beads. Pull through. Note: When done, it will look like half a flower or a letter U.
  7. Next, use either end of string and thread two same colored beads. Take the other string and thread through the beads the opposite way. Pull tightly to complete the flower.
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 until you get the length desired to fit your finger.
  9. Finally, close the ring by threading one string through the first two beads you started with and the other string in through the two beads the opposite way.
  10. Pull tight and voila! You’ve got yourself a beaded flower ring!

I hope this tutorial inspired you to create a beaded ring of your own. Comment below with questions and comments if you’ve made one!

Happy Creating!

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