Make to Create Challenge


Have you ever seen so many inspiring projects on social media and thought, “I could make that!”? Or “I have a great diy project, but it’s probably been done already.”

Have you ever been stuck in a creative rut and overwhelm?

Or have you kept a diy project idea secret until someone else actually came out with it?

I’ve been there and it’s no fun. 

So I’m here to declare a new challenge I’m working on. I’ve been wanting to do a diy challenge for awhile now that will help me get out of my comfort zone and creative overwhelm. I’m calling it my Make to Create Challenge.

I’m challenging myself to commit to the practice of creating something everyday. To set myself up to win, I’m committing to create one project a day for the next 7 days with the intention of sharing it here on the blog. I’m opening myself up to the journey and the creative process and I’m giving myself grace and permission to create from the heart. 

Because sometimes, that’s all we really need. To play and give ourselves permission to lead with the heart.

There will be a different theme or art medium each day that will lead each project. I’m not sure what I will create, but I’m excited to see what unfolds this week. I’m planning for my week to look like this:

Day 1:  A kid craft project

Day 2:  Handlettering

Day 3:  Painting

Day 4:  Digital/Graphic Design

Day 5:  Beaded Jewelry

Day 6:  Organization 

Day 7:  Home Decor

I’ll be starting tomorrow, Sunday April 29th and finishing on Saturday May 5th. 

Come join me for 7 Days to Make to Create (#make2create7days on Instagram) and let’s create magic together! 

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