Day 6 and 7: Desk Organizer Using Apple Boxes

I'm back with Days 6 & 7 for my 7 Day Make to Create challenge. Quick note: As I am somewhat new to blogging, I realize I need more practice on scheduling and time management. Thanks for your patience as I get the hang of blogging! Today's post covers days 6 and 7 for home decor … Continue reading Day 6 and 7: Desk Organizer Using Apple Boxes


Day 3: Painting

I'm back and playing catch-up on this 7 day Make to Create challenge. I have been creating daily, but haven't been able to post my results here on the blog. Let's do this, shall we? On with the challenge! Day 3's project theme was a painting project. I had always wanted to create an abstract … Continue reading Day 3: Painting

Bullet Journaling

Back in March, I began a bullet journal for 2017 with the hope that it would help me become more organized and less disorganized. If you don’t know what a bullet journal is, check out Ryder Carrol's system at Electronic calendars and phone reminders were not working for me and the pretty pre-printed calendars at Target … Continue reading Bullet Journaling