My 2018 Bullet Journal Supplies + Foundation Pages



In my last post, I shared my 2018 bullet journal process and plans. Today, I’m sharing the 3-4 supplies I use weekly (again keeping it simple). And as a bonus, I’m sharing my favorite  foundation pages that set up this year’s bullet journal.

Note: I’m not affiliated with any of these product companies. These products are of my own personal preference purchased myself and are currently what works for me in my bullet journal journey. I will link what I can of the supplies below, but honestly, you can find these on Amazon or possibly in your local craft store.

IMG_20031)  A GOOD NOTEBOOK & PEN. I found this teal dot grid notebook (I believe it’s 5.5 x 8 in. notebook) at Michael’s for $5 (score!) and the Disney pen from our Disney trip last summer (I just love how dark and smooth it writes). Note: the notebook, while it has about 265 pages, has pages that are a bit thin and my brush pens and gel pens (not pictured) tend to bleed through the pages a little, thus my reason for using supply #2.

2)  THE HAPPY PLANNER STICKER COLLECTIONS. I use these for quick, colorful and inspirational embellishments (see images below). These are also my go-to weekly embellishments to help me space out my own hand lettering designs that bleed through the pages. Plus, they can be a great cover up of mistakes (see March calendar spread above).

3)  PENTEL BRUSH TOUCH FELT-TIP PENS (12 CT.)  From Amazon. These are the BEST brush pens for me and my bullet journaling. They’re flexible and yet I’m still able to control the upward and downward strokes with ease. Plus I write on the small side so these work great when hand lettering vs. my Tombow Brush Pens which I’m still getting the hang of.

And that’s it! My go-to bullet journal supply list. Super simple, right? Easy Peasy.

And now, here are my favorite foundation pages I’m so excited to finally share with you:


Above is the first page in the book. A great reminder every time I open my bullet journal. This is a sticker from one of the Happy Planner Sticker Collections (the Today is the Day collection).

IMG_1917 2

Table of Contents.  Ok, can I just say, how genius this is? I love having the table of contents to reference past weeks and past journaling of goals and inspired actions toward goals. Again, the hand lettering is a sticker from I believe the same sticker collection as the previous one.


Next is my Future Log spread. Here, I hand lettered the months of the 2018 calendar. The Future Log is known in the bullet journaling world as the overview of the year to schedule plans, events, birthdays and anniversaries, and future events. I use it more for reference though.


Inspired by Pinterest, here is my self-care spread. On the left, I hand lettered “Self-Care” and listed all the activities that helps me take care of me. As a full-time mom and closet creative entrepreneur, I reference this page to remind myself to delight in the activities that bring me joy, inspiration, and creativity as well as more patience, grace and love. On the right hand side was a sticker page taken right out of one of the Happy Planner Sticker collections (Faith). I just transferred it to my bullet journal. It’s so perfect!


Lastly is another spread inspired by Pinterest. On the left is my Need/Want list with the things I need and want so far this year. On the right is a list of all the things I want to learn this year and in the near future. This is another spread I like to reference and add onto as I’m growing and learning into and through 2018. The hand lettering on both pages were done by me.

So there you have it. My current bullet journal supply list and my favorite foundation pages/layouts. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed sharing it.

Comment below. I would love to know…

What are your go-to bullet journal supplies and what are your favorite bullet journal spread or layouts?



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