My 2018 Bullet Journal

In my last bullet journal post, I talked about beginning the bullet journaling system for myself because pre-printed planners (though inspirational and beautiful) were not working for me. I shared how I wanted to make my own planner where I can draw my own monthly and weekly spreads and have the freedom to journal and take notes wherever I wanted (I was never fond of the extremely short “notes” section in the back of a planner).

After bullet journaling for some time, I started my hand lettering journey to practice the art of brush lettering in hopes of making my bullet journal pages stand out more. I’m so glad I did because they do make a difference in my weekly layouts.

Since then, I have played (and continue to play) with many layouts and brush lettering techniques to see what works best, however, I still find less is more in creating my layouts because for myself, the more I create on a two-page spread the more time it takes and the less I want to use it.

This year with a new bullet journal and my new love for The Happy Planner sticker collection (a life saver for quick embellishments in my opinion),  I’m finally finding my groove within the system that works for me. One thing I added recently is a weekly tracker that tracks my self care and creative time, something I have been needing to reconnect to for sometime now.

Below, I’m sharing my 2 page spreads for weeks 6-8 of 2018 . It makes me so happy and proud to take this on again this year. Nowadays, my bullet journal is more clear, inspirational and fun.


On my next post, I’ll share the essentials I use to create my layouts as well as share my beginning pages of this year’s bullet journal with you.

Now I want to hear from you! Comment below…

What are your calendar planning essentials that light you up?


4 thoughts on “My 2018 Bullet Journal

  1. Cambria Berger says:

    Beautiful! I love this as I find that some of the ‘planners’ these days have so much to do just to plan your life! I often feel they should be making it easier, not adding more work! Your design is simple, energetic and inspiring! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


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