Creative Space Reveal

Friends, I’m so excited to share this HUGE accomplishment as of late. It’s been a long (and I mean looong) time coming for me to reveal my home office space. We’ve packed and moved many times living in rentals that the creative spaces I’ve wanted usually ended up being a place for storage instead of actually, you know, creating. Now that we have a home of our own with so much space, I finally dedicated some time to set up my creative space.

In the past,  I’ve gone back and forth on what my creative space would look like. I’ve wanted the  big room with a huge craft desk with built-in shelving and then I’ve wanted a small desk area with key inspirational items. I also looked at how much crafting I was actually doing and where I was currently doing them (usually on my laptop and kitchen table). In the end, I wanted a spacious and well lit space with minimal accessories and chose an unused well lit corner in our current master bedroom.

After months of looking over creative work spaces on Pinterest, I discovered I didn’t need much to make it happen. Just a clear idea of what will work for me. Many of the items set up below were from my own personal collections of things I love.

Here is my quick reveal:



Isn’t it lovely?

I hope you enjoyed this quick post. I’ll later share more on the creative process of setting up this space in a later post.

Have a great week!

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