The Calling


There has been a calling. This kind of nudge, if you will, coming from the Universe lately that I just had to write about it. It’s calling me to reawaken my creative side.

Repeating numbers with gentle reminders to do what I love, conversations with friends and my husband reminding me to believe in my creative gifts, and a recent weekend retreat that allowed me to just play and experiment with my own creativity (and yes, I have been creating something every week since last post only to not have blogged them…yet.  I’m working on that).

Something inside me awakened to what’s possible for my creative future. This unfolding of the dream of my divine creativity expressed and valued. The inspiration I can gift to others. The future opportunities in store for myself once I answer my calling.

Then I briefly got scared. Doubting my worth and making excuses that I’m not enough and the idea that the market for my gift is over saturated. The belief that I don’t know what my gift is at the moment and if I’ll ever discover it. The time is not right. I don’t have the perfect ________ (software, course, studio, skill, accreditation, etc). The fear of both success and rejection (even more so as I write this post). Blah blah blah! Mind you, this is the running conversation in my head, usually EVERY. DAY. And I’m tired. I’m tired of the silence, the hiding, the indecisiveness, and the procrastination. I’m tired of the chaos and lack of prioritizing and organization. I’m tired of seeing my ideas and not acting on them. I’m tired of running scared.

So what. Now what?

I’m here. I’m answering the call. The call to just begin. To follow my dream toward entrepreneurship by launching my own Etsy shop and relaunching my creative blog. To share my journey in mastering art in its many forms. To live and document my creative expression in the way that is unique only to me. To do what I love while contributing financially support my family.

I’m here and it starts now…

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