Mahalo Hawaii. Hello Virginia.

I’m back. Life happened once again and we are now currently settling in our new place of residence: Virginia.

We said “aloha and mahalo” to our island paradise — the tropical weather, the gorgeous beaches, and our friends who have become our “ohana,” or family in Hawaiian — and moved the family across the country back to the mainland.

Currently on the east coast, we’re settling into our new normal: a six hour time change, commercial plazas, bigger grocery stores, hotel living, a new home, a traveling husband, new schools for the kids, and the beginning of experiencing the four seasons. Really, it has been a long three months.

Now I’m a west coast gal since birth so you can probably imagine my excitement for this opportunity to live on the east coast. I hear the fall season is just gorgeous here while the winter season is pretty cold (and I don’t know what that’s like).  Sweaters, boots, mittens, and scarves are my favorite things to wear during this season so we’ll see how I’ll like it after my first winter, haha!

As the fall season has arrived (yet it’s been warm around here lately), I’ve been itching to write, craft, and decorate our new home for the season. I’m excited to get back into creating again and while I haven’t blogged about my progress here, I’ve been posting some projects on my Instagram account: @myrachaelcreates.

I’m looking forward to this new adventure in our new place and making new memories with the family.

Cheers once again to new adventures!


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