Quick and Easy Crochet Baby Blanket



I wanted to write up a quick post of a recent project I finished this week. My sister is expecting her first baby girl this November (my first niece in our immediate family, yay!) and I wanted to gift her and her baby something handmade. I found this pattern and tutorial by Jamey from Dabbles and Babbles and I knew it was perfect to make quickly. What should have taken me a day, however, took me over a week to complete due to other things taking priority (like my kids’ need for me to play and reenact a Curious George scene from their favorite movie, Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle. Ah, to be a kid again.).

My niece’s nursery will be a pink and mint floral themed so I created this blanket using a Red Heart Soft Essentials Yarn in 5 Bulky and in the colors: Minty, White and Peony (I couldn’t find a baby pink in the same brand in my local craft store). For this project I used a K crochet hook. This was my first finished crocheted blanket and I love how it turned out. Since it was my first blanket, it’s not perfect (you don’t see it but the edges don’t align from top to bottom. Something I need to practice on perfecting, but it’s warm and cozy). Seriously though, I’m so proud of myself.

I’m looking forward to more easy and quick crochet projects like this one to practice and master (among my never-ending creative list of projects. That’s for another story).

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