My Hand Lettering Journey Continued

Happy November 1st! Hope you all had a fun Halloween! I don't know about you, but I'm already planning for Christmas everything (and maybe goals for 2018? Who's with me?). I will be continuing my hand lettering journey on Instagram as I'm currently enjoying the process so far. As promised, here is a collage of … Continue reading My Hand Lettering Journey Continued


My Hand Lettering Journey

Years ago when inspirational quotes and one to two word wall art weren't a trend on social media, I used to post my own inspirational quotes as my status updates on Facebook. Nothing fancy. Just simple type. Then I stopped...and now it is everywhere. Hand lettered, digital type, on planners and calendars and art galleries … Continue reading My Hand Lettering Journey

Bullet Journaling

Back in March, I began a bullet journal for 2017 with the hope that it would help me become more organized and less disorganized. If you don’t know what a bullet journal is, check out Ryder Carrol's system at Electronic calendars and phone reminders were not working for me and the pretty pre-printed calendars at Target … Continue reading Bullet Journaling