Today marks the day I’ve lived 35 years on Earth. That’s 35 years in existence. To say I’ve experienced a lot is an understatement. I’ve been through the ups and downs and ins and outs of growing, learning and discovering myself. I’ve survived puberty and high school. I graduated college. I witnessed the birth of the Internet and the rise of mass media. E-mail instead of paper and pen and sending it out by mail? Ok. Texting? Yes, please. Photography and the instant gratification of sharing your life on Instagram and Facebook in the palm of your hand? What?!?! (Ok I love it!) And don’t get me started on pop culture (ok i don’t remember much other than feeling the nostalgia of boy/girl bands and cheesy teen shows that felt more real than the reality shows out these days). I birthed two kids and lived in amazing places that have truly challenged and inspired me to bloom where I’m planted.

I’ve learned so much in this lifetime so far that if I were to give advice to my younger self, these are the top five pieces of advice I would give:

1. Have courage and do what you love.
2. Make connections and build a network of people that inspire and motivate you.
3. Give generously (your time, talents, and tithing)
4. Just begin, keep going and finish what you started.
5. Invest in yourself (personal growth workshops, classes, pampering sessions, take care of YOU).

I think that sums it up in a nutshell. To be honest, I’m no master at the top five tips. I’m still learning and exploring those tips on so many levels. I believe you never stop learning.

Got more tips and pieces of wisdom to share? Comment below and let’s inspire each other!

So here’s to another year of greatness! This is my new year! Cheers!


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